Block Walls

Time for a bit of a general catch-up. The biggest difference internally has been the building of the block walls at the back of the living area. If all goes to plan these should act as a thermal mass and smooth out temperature swings. Block Walls
Siobhan, who is an Australian architectural assistant from Architype, has been visiting the site each week so as to get experience in how houses are constructed. She has written about her experiences on site on her blog and created this nice exploded diagram of the ground floor build of the house.Fishleys Diagram
The build also had a write-up on the Passivhaus Trust website. So welcome to new readers of our blog who have subscribed as a result of the article.
And finally sweeping the floor for the air test last week, showed that some-one had walked over the wet concrete, but was it Ella or next door’s small cat – Lillian.Paw prints