Ground Works week 6

Another two weeks of digging holes and filling them in. Septic SpreaderThis is a photo of part of the one of the two 25m long septic tank spreaders which wander into the wood. All now covered up and hopefully will silently work over the next few decades.

And now we start to see the shape of the new house for the first time.House RaftThe photo is taken from the corner of Mike’s “pod” looking through the shower room to the kitchen and living room.

Ground works week 4

Photos of holes and filled in holes are not very interesting, so the blog has been quiet for a few days. The drive and garage base are now finished with electric/gas ducting going between the garage and the house.

The re-enforced concrete from the barn has been broken up and transported off site, and the hardcore underneath recycled as part of the drive.

Now we move to the next stage which is dealing with sewerage – no mains drainage here. So a large 3m deep hole was dug for this concrete tank.
Sceptic Tank
Not that much shows once it is filled in – looks rather like a submarine. Apparently they went through 4 layers: Topsoil, yellow stony “head”, red mudstone and finally reaching a clay.