The house may not yet be painted or have its flooring complete, but this week the biggest change has been on those important fittings – the bookcases. Upstairs on the landing is an oak bookcase designed for paperbacks, which has a bottom shelf deep enough for hardbacks as demonstrated by this Terry Pratchet Landing BookcaseAnd downstairs the library has been kitted out with pine shelves. Library

Wood Flooring

The oak flooring has been being laid this week and it now covers Mike’s study floor, the library, the bathroom and most of the landing. The bath is now also in place with a surround that is going to be tiled. No fancy freestanding bath for me – I wanted somewhere to put some plants and the bath foam.Bath FloorThe next photo is of one of the six corner window sills. Nothing special you might think, but after one company produced the wrong sizes three times, this is the successful attempt with another company.Corner Sill

Garage Construction

The house has been taken over by the plasterers over the last two weeks and it is now been plastered from top to bottom. This is now drying out nicely given the warmer weather.

Dan and Henry have left the house to the plasterers and started work on the garage.Garage StartIt has a similar look to the house with a sloping roof surrounded by a low parapet.Garage 2