Some more photos

As we come to the end of time with Mike and his team, we thought you would like some up-to-date photos of the house. Starting with the front entrance.Porch
the kitchen with its worktop
Kitchen worktop
Followed by a view of the internal wall of the “pod” with the library shelves
Library Stair
and finally a view of the landing with the glass balustrade panels which were put in last week.

Photo update

Looking back over the photos in the blog, I realise that some views are missing. Now the scaffolding is down from around the pod, you can get a good idea of how the pod sits in relation to the house.House from pod
The garage cladding is complete.Garage
And inside the house the painting covers have been removed so that you can see the oak corner seat which will house our CDs and DVDsCorner Cupboard and the upstairs bathroom.
Bath Room

Second Air Test

Whilst we were on holiday the second air test was performed on the house. This came back with the extremely impressive figure of 0.13 ach ( air changes per hour), which is well within the passivhaus requirements of 0.6 ach. In fact this is the lowest that Mike and his team has achieved and is even more impressive given the house is not a single rectangular unit. This would not have been possible without the attention to detail by the whole team – so a big Thank You and congratulations to the team.