Wednesday was the day for concreting the foundations, so it was all hands on site as it had to be smoothed out before it started to set.


From start to finish it took a couple of hours, but speeded up it only takes 16 seconds.

And Mike has been try out his helicopter flying for an aerial view of the site.

Polystyrene foundations

The photo shows the pale pink slot-together polystyrene system which provides the insulation around and below the concrete foundations for the main part of the house.
Lego So we are now ready for pouring the concrete next week.

Here is a video of the polystyrene going down:

Ground Works Week 8

For a change this week, there has been movement out of the ground instead of holes being dug and filled in. These are the pillars which will hold up the cantilevered floor of Mike’s study.

Pod Pillars
Pod Pillars

Ground Works Week 7

More trenches being dug this week – water to one corner of the field and electricity to the other.

Water Trench
Only one small surprise when the existing electricity turned out to be not where the plans from the electricity company said it was.
Water and Electricty
Water and Electricity