Ground Works Week2

Second week of ground works; the drive has now reached the garage area. The garage area has also been cleared and had its hard-core put down. The telephone ducting is also now laid along side the drive.
Ground Works week 2

Groundworks have started

The groundworks team started on Monday with the first challenge getting the digger over the road ditch and into the site. Now at the end of the first week, all the tree stumps are out and the drive is making its way slowly back through the wood from the new entrance on Mill Lane.
Groundworks_Mult2The new drive as viewed to/from the road.

Of course digging up tree roots and moving soil for the hard-core has given up two big piles. The tree roots are stacked in a 4ft pile behind the old greenhouses and there is a 10ft high cone of top-soil and roots next to the old train shed.