First Windows and Walls

The biggest visual changes this week have been to Mike’s study, which now has a first layer of wall, a ceiling and three sets of windows.StaircaseThe dark space behind the temporary staircase is the study and you can just see one of the corner windows and the front window. The next photo shows the house from the front drive with the study window on the right. The front door will be where the big gap is on the left of the photo.

Pod Front
Front of house
Having the staircase means that both us and the cat now have easy access on to the first floor, where you can get a feel of the two interlocking cubes that make up the house.
Pod roof
Pod roof on right, staircase on left
Other jobs have continued around the rest of the house with flooring now covering all the first floor joists and the start of fixing the slates around the base of the house. The wood cladding will not reach the ground in order to prevent rotting, but will overlap these slates.
Slate Edging
Slate Edging