Outside work has been going on putting in fencing between the house and the orchard and tree guards have been added around the orchard trees to protect them from sheep and muntjac deerOrchard Tree Guards
Inside, the most noticeable work has been going on up in the landing. The bathroom wall has a covering of Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard which does not need plastering and is moisture resistant. The studs on the outside of the bathroom been filled with Earthwool. Despite the name it does not include earth or wool, but instead recycled glass bottles and sand.Earthwool InsulationThe landing cupboards and shelves have also been going up, which will act as our loft space. Landing CupboardsBut for me the biggest change has been removing the temporary flooring from the void over the entrance to the library. Suddenly you can see the full height window and how the pod juts into the house.Library Void