Cladding the Pod

Inside work has continued with the plumbing and electrics, but that does not produce many nice photos, so I will turn may attention to the work on the outside. Work has started on cladding Mike’s study, aka “The Pod”. At the back are vertical batons holding the blue fabric on and then horizontal batons on which the back layer of upright batons are fixed. They are local Douglas Fir which has been painted black. pod cladding back layer Around the bottom you can see the metal mesh to stop insects making a home behind the cladding and the blue firestop tape. Apparently that will quickly expand if there is a fire helping to seal off the air gap behind the cladding and slowing any spread of fire.Fire stopAnd then there is a front layer of wider Douglas Fir planks. They will also be painted black at some point. Pod Cladding Front layer