Insulating with Warmcel

This week has seen the rest of the house covered in the green OSB boards, whilst the Warmcel team started blowing the Warmcel into the gap between the inside and outside boards. The photo shows the hose through which the Warmcel is blown. The brown circles show where application still has to occur and the pale blue squares are the airtightness tapes put over the plugs which are inserted after filling.Warmcel FillingA lot as already gone in, but as you can see from the mountain of Warmcel bales there is still a lot more to go.Warmcel Mountain
It has not been all insulation this week as the stud walls have gone up marking the two upstairs bedrooms. Our first chance to get a feel for what a room will feel like.Bedroom Stud Walls
And finally, on Friday the Colwall Orchard Group came back and planted another dozen plum and apple trees.