Battening down the hatches

Saturday brought 24 hours of continuous rain, which meant that the ground which had been drying out is back to being a quagmire again. On Friday the ground floor of the house had been swept dry, but by Sunday there were again puddles up to an inch deep across the whole area as the continuous rain had seeped through the temporary plastic sheeting and the joins in the floor sheets above.

And then on Monday storm Imogen arrived. Not so much rain this time, but sudden very strong gusts of wind. I visited the site, to find the scaffolders had returned and were tightening up all their joints. The plastic membrane around the pod was also being battened down to stop it flapping in the gusts. It was rather alarming to stand upstairs looking through the landing window at the swaying silver birch a few yards away. However house and trees are still standing and the main roof is now nearly water tight so we are ready for the next storm.